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I‘m a multidiscplinary designer living in Oslo, Norway. Currently doing a masters degree at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. I’m also co-founder and designer at Boden World.


︎D&AD New Blood ‘Side Hustle’, Boden World

Gold, Visuelt 2019, Boden World

Diploma, Visuelt 2019, Bjørn Privat

Diploma, Visuelt 2019, Boden World

Diploma, Visuelt 2019, Ruter Gange

Winner, DOGA Hedersmerket 2018

Winner, DOGA Nykommermerket 2018

AHO Works Nomination spring 2018 - Interaction Design/Service Design

AHO Works Nomination spring 2018 - Sustainability in Design

AHO Works Nomination Fall 2017 - Interaction Design


︎Boden World + EAM Pop-up @ Markveien 28 (2019)

Boden World Expo ’19 @ Wessels gate 2 (2019)

Apples and Oranges, S-p D+A @ Khartoum KCAC (2018)

Boden World Print Night™ @ F5 Concept Store(2018)

G29 Vol. 1 @ Maridalsveien 29 (https://g29.xyz/) (2018)

Boden World Pop-up Gothenburg @ Akademin Valand (2018)

Boden World Issue No. 1 pop-up @ Wessels gate 2 (2018)

Boden World Launch @ F5 Concept Store (2018)

Group Show @ Norway Designs Oslo (2016)

Light Installation for Lysprisen arranged by Lyskultur @ DogA, (2015)


︎Making food
Making books

Reading books

Taking photos

Speaking words

Skating sk8boards

Drinking iced tea in the park