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Hi. I’m an multidisciplinary design student living in Oslo

Besides designing stuff I play music, take photos, skate with my friends, as well as trying to relax as much as possible


Design studio & clothing brand made in a basement in Oslo

Installation for our release at F5 Concept Store

We do everything ourselves, which includes art direction, printing, design, packaging, photography as well as promotional work

All items are carefully packed in silk wrap with custom BODEN™️ seal, before being delivered in our totebags

For more information on this project:

︎  www.boden.world

︎  @bodenworld

In collaboration with Axel & Jonas︎

Adidas Library

Project done in collaboration with Adidas at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Adidas Originals came to us with an interesting challenge:
“How can we be more sustainable, while still making money?”

Adidas Library is a physical store concept for renting the rarest and most unique Adidas Originals

Watch this video for the full service journey:

Urbane Grendehus

Project for DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway), with support from Termowood, Vestre, MAD Architects and Superwood

Urbane Grendehus (urban community houses) is a digital service that offers non-commercial, shared meeting places in cities

Fix your bike, make some waffles or eat dinner with your neighbours

The service has two parts: Part 1. Small, modular community houses are built in former parking lots and other temporarily unused spaces in the city. These can accommodate a range of different uses (kitchen, work-places, workshop, greenhouses etc.)

Prototype at Nordic Edge Expo 2017

Part 2. Citizens, organisations and neighbourhoods get access to use and share these community houses through a digital service that matches users with available houses that fits their needs

Booking via the app lets you which houses are available in your neighbourhood

As a digital urban service ‘Urbane Grendehus’ will be a scalable, flexible and democratic way to share urban resources.

Prototype at Nordic Edge Expo 2017

Transforming parking-lots to community-houses can be used in urban strategies for sustainable transformation and for engaging neighbourhoods and citizens

Timeline of the concept

Article by DOGA on the project:  https://doga.no/aktuelt/nyheter/urbant-grendehus/

Instagram account:


I create a lot of playlists. And I figured it’s too bad they don’t have their own covers. So I made some!



I needed a desk and some storage. A bureau was the perfect solution. Made of oak veneer